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Go-Ride is British Cycling's development programme for young people. The programme provides a fun and safe way to introduce young riders to the world of cycle sport and provides a platform to improve bike handling skills. Go-Ride provides the first step onto the Performance Pathway - over 60% of riders on the Great Britain Cycling Team started out at Go-Ride Clubs.

Sleaford Go-Ride club meets at 6:30pm every Tuesday evening at Carres Grammar School. British Cycling coaches are running the club for the first several weeks and then our club coaches will take over. Although it helps if you have your own bike, for the time being there are some available to borrow for the evening.




Tuesday 15th Dec evening saw some great cyclo-cross racing from our youngsters on a very soggy course. A big thanks to all you who helped organise and run the event. The kids absolutely loved it.

Photo's below are some of our Go-Ride youngsters taking part in Lincs League Cyclo-Cross events, courtesy of  

Richard Howes Photography



Spalding Go Ride Race Meeting Sunday 3rd May 2015.
Sunday saw our Go Ride kids enter their 1st group competition at the Invitation Italian Pursuit races at Spalding.
Sleaford were competing against older, more experienced and better equipped riders from Spalding, Bourne, Boston & Grantham and Lincoln.
Despite the other teams being far more experienced, older and better equipped, Noah Starbuck (Aged 8), Ember & Harvey Coulam (aged 9), Hayden Baxter (aged 9) and Abi Saggs (aged 10) rode exceptionally well.
They may not have won any races but they certainly won a lot of admiration from the other clubs who were impressed that such a young team who've only been riding for 7 weeks could perform so well.
Their group riding was clean, they cornered well and rode in close formation and they never stopped smiling! Myself, Kath and Steve were very proud of their performance. I know they are all looking forward to competing again soon.

Dennis Owen
Sleaford Wheelers Go Ride


Tues 10th & 24th March.
Go Ride racing events over at Newark click here for further information

Tues 24th February.
First week back after ½ term and 18 riders turned up for tonight’s session. We  concentrated on building their group riding skills, riding in 2’s in close formation. At first it resembled an Indian attack out of an old Western film but they gradually got the hang of it. Then we got the front pair to sprint off the front of the group and ride around the track to eventually get back onto the rear of the group when the next pair would sprint off the front. Whilst sprinting the pair had to stay in a tight formation . By the end of the session there was a visible improvement in their skills.
As the kids were learning quickly we then got them to ride in pairs with their hands resting on their partners shoulders. There was limited success with this exercise at 1st with some of the smaller riders finding it a little difficult. Then as if by magic it all started to come together led by the girls who showed some excellent balance and coordination.
We finished of the evening with some fun limbo riding which is just like you’d see on a dance floor but on a bike. After each turn the bars were lowered.
The boys showed some excellent skills in getting their bodies really low and below the height of their bikes either by stretching out with their bottoms behind their saddle or by balancing on one pedal whilst stooping and pushing their bike away from them to keep balanced.
Not sure what Steve has planned for next week but I think the kids need to work on smooth and correct gear changes.
See you all next week.

10th Feb: After last weeks cancellation due to poor weather it was good to see 19 boys & Girls turn up for another training session. Concentrated this week on riding Italian pursuit with some of the quicker riders pacing their team around the course. A hard session with some close finishes and some great sprinting from some of our younger riders.
Finished the evening by popular request (more like demand) with a couple of rounds of the "Circle of Doom". More fun next week.
Crit Races July 12th 2015:
Dennis is just finalising details with Sleaford Carnival but we are hoping to include a Ladies Crit Race this year. Also hoping to run some Go Ride events as part of the Carnival activities. Watch this space....
27th Jan: A great turn out, 17 youngsters and some brilliant riding, racing starts, the "circle of doom" plus Laura Trott's speciality; elimination racing. Some very competetive riding with lots of competition, some excellent tactical racing from Abi Saggs and Tom Daynes saw them both win their groups.
13th Jan: Our first event was a school competition which invloved around 50 youngsters from three local schools, racing around a small Cyclo-Cross circuit. It was muddy, hard work and loads of fun. Last Tuesday was the first club night. 13 riders were out on a very cold evening, learning Slalom skills and bike control, with a couple of races and finishing with the "Circle of Doom".