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Sleaford Wheelers Strava Challenge

The Strava Challenge

The Points System

The Routes

Strava is a website, where any rider can upload their ride (from Garmin or Smartphone) and compare their performance with others that have ridden over the same roads.
The Sleaford Wheelers Strava Challenge is aimed at involving any riders in and around the Sleaford area, whether you can manage to ride for an hour or two a week or 500 miles a week. Riders gain points rapidly by following set routes, by doing this even a very modest rider can gain points rapidly.
All riders can participate at any time they choose to do so either on an organised ride or as an individual. At the moment this is a work in progress and will evolve as time goes by.
To be able to use the system you will need;

  • To set up a Strava Account (follow this link) and  join the Sleaford Wheelers Club section of Strava (follow this link)
  • A GPS device (Garmin) or a Smartphone with the Strava App (a phone is probably the cheapest way in)