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Sleaford Wheelers Strava Challenge

The Strava Challenge

The Points System

The Routes


At the moment there are several circular routes planned out, with varying lengths and difficulties, the longer or more difficult routes being worth more points.
Riders gain points in several ways.

  • 1: Riding any of the routes; each route can be joined at any point on the route and can be ridden in either direction but the full circuit must be completed to gain the points.
  • 2: Pick up bonus points for the route ridden; each route has bonus points for parts of the route (called segments in Strava). A bonus point is earned every time a rider achieves a PR (Personal Record) for a segment.
  • 3: Further points are gained for total distance in a week whether it is part of a given route or just your general riding. Each full 50 miles completed in a week will get 1 Distance point.
  • 4: Riding in Sleaford Wheelers regular Thursday evening Time Trials (1 point per ride)
  • 5: Competing for Sleaford Wheelers in any other time Trial event (2 points per 10 miles)

In a week, a rider completes two 2 point set routes plus 30 miles of other riding.

On one of the set routes Strava shows 2 PRs for points segments. That would get the rider;-
4 points for the routes (each roughly 20 miles)
2 Bonus points for PRs
1 Bonus point for riding over 50 miles in the week.

Giving a total of 7 Points for the week

There will be several leagues within the system and riders accumulate points continuously until they complete an award and move up to the next level
All abilities of rider can take part taking as long as is needed to complete a level.
Points are accumulated as of now and continue while ever you are a member of Sleaford Wheelers Strava Club.

The Awards/Leagues are:
Starter up to 29 points (you will be in the this league until you get 30 points)
Bronze 30-99 points.
Silver 100-249 points
Gold 250-499 Points
Platinum 500-999 points
Diamond 1,000-4,999 points

Neodymium 5,000-9,999 points

Terbium 10,000 points

Current standings are on the results page.