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CTC Membership Insurance.

We are now affiliated to the CTC and can offer Wheelers members Individual Membership of the CTC for just £16:00! One of the main advantages of this membership is good third party insurance, which in today’s claim culture environment is something of a must have. As far as I understand it, it covers you for individual, social, club and Time Trial rides.
To access this membership you would need to sign up Here (click) and put our “Affiliate Club Code” in the appropriate box. To get this code email Kath and she will forward it on to you.

The question of whether or not you are insured is a personal one and if you are a member of a cycling organisation such as British Cycling you are likely to be already covered.
There are 2 elements to this issue, one obviously is the cost to you, the other is the cover you need.
Membership of the CTC through our affiliation will cost £16:00 and gives you the most basic cover which is for third parties while riding socially, or on a club run and in Time Trials. It would not give you cover for general racing.
Do you need it?  That’s up to you!
But if for example you get hit by a car at a junction and the driver puts it through his/her insurance, it might turn out that you have to pay for damages to the car which can be very costly.
Or  if you had an accident with another rider, a claim could be made from you by his/her insurer if it is deemed that you were responsible. Some people have insurance which covers them for loss of earnings and medical expenses as well as damages so you could be facing costs of very large sums of money.

This is not intended to be scaremongering, but for £16:00 per year….
Q. Are you covered already? If not should you be?

For further details of the cover click here