Please download and complete the membership form (click here) and return it in the first instance (along with payment) to the treasurer:

Kathryn Smith

14 Main St



NG34 3NP

It will then be forwarded to the Secretary, to whom all other enquiries should be addressed.

The Club Rules (Click here)


As members of the Sleaford Wheelers we all know what SWCC stands for. Do not take it for granted that other clubs know that. Most certainly entering an event outside of the Lincoln District of Cycling Time Trials, SWCC could cause an Event Secretary a problem. However they may not bother to investigate if there is an excess of entries and  that would mean the Entry would be rejected which would lead to disappointment.
Sleaford Wheelers CC is the name that is registered with CTT and the Sponsor names should be separated from the Club name by a stroke or hyphen.
Cheques should be made out to the Promoting Club. That is should, not must. The name of the Sponsors must not be put on the cheque. Club name only. The National Handbook will indicate whether an Event Secretary has requested cheques to be made out to him/her. The reasons that happens is because an Event Sec has pre event expenses to take care of. For instance HQ hire charge, Stationary, Printing, Postage and not least of these is the £2 levy per rider that has to be sent to the District Treasurer. There may also be a presentation.




General Secretary

Ann Pike

15 Londesborough Way, Metheringham, Lincoln LN4 3HL.



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